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"Working with PEAR::XML_Serializer", veröffentlicht in php|architect 11/2003

XML is cool. Working with XML can often be a pain. Or at least it used to be in the dark ages, when you had to use complicated or silly APIs like SAX and DOM to access XML documents - and build an XML document using a legion of echos or string functions. But today a new hero has come and he has promised to get rid of all your XML related problems. "Is it a bird? Is it a plane?", you may ask. "No!", I would reply, "It's XML_Serializer and his sidekick XML_Util".


Datum der Veröffentlichung: 2003-11-12
Anschläge: 29,228


Dieser englischsprachige Artikel stellt das von mir entwickelte PEAR-Paket XML_Serializer vor und zeigt verschiedene Einsatzgebiete der enthaltenen Klassen.


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